Warning: some of these will sound and look VERY weird. Don't knock them till you try them. Also - desperate bikini craving times, call for desperate measures and weird recipes... I'll be adding them as they come up, so keep tuning back in!

Protein Pancake: 22g protein | 5.5g fat | 0.1g carb

Perfect post workout snack. Mix 60g of lean turkey breast mince with 1 large egg. Add some salt and spices, pour into the frying pan (no oil of course!) on medium heat. Cover with a lid for 4 minutes to cook the turkey thoroughly. Flip and repeat. Then remove the lid and cook on higher heat for a minute on each side to make it more brown & crispy.

Chunky sour cream salad: 6g protein | 3g fat | 14g carb

(per 100g low-fat sour cream, 100g tomatoes, 100g cucumber, 100g radish)

This a great high volume and low calorie salad that is crunchy, full of flavour and acts as a great meal on its own or as a side dish with a protein of your choice.

Chop radish, cucumber and tomatoes in chunks and add low-fat sour cream with some salt. You can use low-fat creme freche if you prefer, or even a Total 0 Greek yoghurt. Play around with the ratios of each vegetable and add any others you might like.

Sweet Almond Milk: 1.3g protein | 2.5g fat | 0 carbs (per 250ml)


Being a huge fan of nut-based milk for bikini preps, I use them mainly as a milk substitute ingredient but never on its own. But one day I had a very strong sugar craving, so I had a full glass of almond milk with... liquid stevia! Put a few drops in your milk of choice to create a low-macro option. Of course you can have a coffee, tea or just lemon water with some stevia too. Nut milks are just more filling in my experience. Make sure to use a sugar free nut milk as a base!

Cod & Courgettes Stir-Fry

cod cocurgette garlic bikini prep meal plan recipe ideas low calorie low carb low fat.jpg

Pan fry your cod on a medium heat until nearly done. Cook it with a lid on top to avoid dryness. Grate some courgettes on top and mix it all together! Super yummy! Especially if you add plenty of spices and garlic.